Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website of ycpackaging (hereinafter referred to as the Website), which is run by Yu Chuang Esthetics Consultant Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as We). We comply with “Personal Data Protection Act” and value your privacy. To ensure the security of your personal data for you to use the services and information provided on the website without worries, we established the following privacy policy. Please read the following content carefully to understand how the website collects, applies, and protects your data.

1. Applicability of privacy protection policy

The content of privacy protection policy includes how the website processes the personal identification data provided by you or collected by us when you use the services on the website. The privacy protection policy is not applicable to relevant website links outside of our website, and it is also not applicable to the personnel that are not entrusted by the website or personnel that are not participating in the administration.

2. Personal data collection, processing, and utilization

  • When you visit the website or use the functional services provided on the website, we will ask you to provide necessary personal information depending on the function of the service for the purpose of marketing, survey/ statistic, and research and analysis as well as collection, processing, and utilization of personal data for database management. Your personal data will be collected and be processed and used within the scope specified above. Without your written agreement, the website will not use your personal data in any other purpose.
  • When you use the interactive functions of service email and questionnaire survey, the website will retain the name, email address, and contact details you provided as well as the elapsed time.
  • During general browsing, the server will record relevant routes automatically, including the IP address of the equipment you used for connection, the time of using, browser used, and the records of information browsed and clicked, as the reference for us to enhance our website services. The records are only for internal application and will never be disclosed externally.
  • Based on the demand of website internal management, the website will carry out aggregate analysis on website traffic and internet user behavior research based on the information looked up by users as important reference for service quality enhancement. We will not carry out analysis on any individual user.

3. Policy of sharing personal data with a third party

The website will never provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal data to any other individual, group, private enterprise, or government agency. However, it is not limited to those that are based on legal accordance or contract agreement. We share your personal data with a third party under the following principles:

  • When it is defined or clearly specified by laws.
  • When it requires sharing the data with the third party that provides the service in order to provide you the service or facilitate your rights and interests. We will fully explain and notify during the service or the activity, and you can choose whether to accept.
  • When your behavior on the website violates the service provisions or might damage or affect the website or the rights and interests of other users or cause losses to anyone. The website administration unit will analyze and disclose your personal data for identification, contacting, or taking legal actions.
  • When the website entrusts a contractor to assist in collecting, processing, or using your personal data, we will perform our duty of supervision and management on the contractor or individual.

According to the Article 3 of Personal Data Protection Act, you are entitled to exercise the rights on the personal data retained on the website in the following methods:

(1)Exercisable rights to the website:

  • the right to make an inquiry of and to review or request a copy of the personal data.
  • the right to supplement or correct the personal data.
  • the rights to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of the personal data and request to erase the personal data.

(2)Method of exercising rights:

Send an email to sales8@ycpackaging.comto the website for concrete content of claiming and exercising above rights.

4. The use of cookie

Cookie is the data stored in your computer when you browse webpages on the website for the webpage server to identify users, save the preference setup when users browse the website, such as location, language, personal and identification data. However, it is only limited to the content that is actually entered. We will not access to the information or file that you do not provide automatically. When you visit the website again in the future, the website will be able to determine the user according to Cookie to provide the information that meets your preference and demand. To provide you an even more personalized service or for the purpose of statistics on the browsing behaviors, the website will install and access Cookie in your computer. If you do not want to accept the Cookie, you can set up the level of privacy in HIGH on the function of server used to reject Cookie. However, it might cause some functions on the website fail to be operated normally.

5. Modification of privacy protection policy

The website privacy protection policy will be modified at any time due to demands, and the revised provisions will be posted on the website.